"...innovative, imaginative,
entertaining, and educational!"
In Brief-   This program is an entertainment (75%) and educational (25%) performance on the science
and fun of bubbles.   The show concludes with each child having an opportunity to be placed inside of a
bubble (up to 30 children)!

Presentation- This presentation begins with a 5-minute free style bubble demonstration, in which I will
mesmerize the children with bubble tricks and manipulations. (Presentation requires enclosed area,
please see requirements!)  The children are then introduced to the physical characteristics of bubbles that
make them so wonderful!  They will have fun, while learning when they observe rainbow bubbles,giant
snake bubbles, bubbles inside of bubbles, bouncing bubbles and bubbles of all shapes and sizes.  The
show concludes with each child having the opportunity to be placed inside of a giant bubble. Make sure
you have your cameras ready, since the pictures are absolutely adorable!

Length-   The Bubble Show lasts about 30-minutes and concludes with 15-20 minutes in which each
child gets a chance to be placed inside of a bubble!  This program typically runs 45–50 minutes.

Requirements-   For the presentation, an enclosed area is required!  Extreme heat and wind are my
biggest enemies when performing with bubbles.   Since I am dealing with manipulating bubbles, even the
slightest draft can raise havoc and makes the performance difficult, if not impossible!  Garages will work
for shows that are not in the Summer.  I require a minimum of a 6’ X 6’ section, typically against a wall,
in which a tarp will be placed down to protect the flooring.   The children typically sit on the floor right in
front of me looking up at the bubbles.   This is a completely mess-free presentation!!!


1-30 children                                $150                         

*** Take $25.00 off when an additional program is added! ***

*Gratuities are not included and are greatly appreciated!
*Please contact Wild Child Adventures for more details on program specifics!
*Mileage charges apply for Kings, Tulare, & Merced counties and surrounding areas!.
(Over 40 Children)
(Under 40 Children)