"...innovative, imaginative,
entertaining, and educational!"
In Brief- This program provides the fun of bubbles in an outdoor setting.  The children will have one hour
of playtime with the bubbles, using an assortment of 50+ bubble wands.  Additional playtime can be added
at a discounted rate!

Hands-on Play- The children will have 1 hour of playtime with the bubbles.  The children will have 5
plastic kid pools, each filled with 5 gallons of bubble solution and an assortment of 50+ bubble wands and
toys to create bubbles.   The performer will be on hand to assist children in creating bubbles.   Learn how
to make bubbles with your hands, and how to give your friend a pet bubble. Make sure you don’t get
caught in a bubble storm as it sweeps through your party!

Requirements- This program recommends a 20’ X 20’ section, preferably in the shade in which the plastic
kid pools can be placed.  Flat ground on grass or cement is preferred.
 I typically recommend that group
sizes be no larger than 30 kids at a time for best participation.  For larger groups, I recommend splitting
the Bubble Play Time into 15-30 minute sessions.



*** Take $25.00 off when an additional program or hour is added! ***

*Gratuities are not included and are greatly appreciated!
*Please contact Wild Child Adventures for more details on program specifics!
*Mileage charges may apply for Kings, Tulare, & Merced counties
and surrounding areas!.